If your organization is doing meaningful work in the areas of Education, Food Insecurity or supporting local families in need, begin the process by submitting a grant application.

    About Your Organization.

    About You.

    About Your Organization.

    What best describes your organization?

    Educational InstitutionRegistered Charity / Non-profit

    If applying for an education grant for a public school, please provide the following information.

    To apply for a grant you must be a tax-exempt or registered non-profit organization. If you are not applying as an educational institution please provide the following information:

    Your Organization's Need.

    Please provide a detailed description of the need, including monetary amount requested, individuals impacted and projected benefits / outcomes.

    Have you received a Drive for Education or Keep Driving Foundation Grant in the past?
    If yes, please provide a description, date and monetary amount of past grants.

    How did you hear about the Keep Driving Foundation?

    Is this grant time-sensitive?


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